Is there a Royal president in France’s future ?

mercredi 23 août 2006

San Francisco Gate

Par Edward M. Gomez

[...] AgoraVox, a "citizen-media" Web site based in France, noted that, in her speech, Royal had called for all voters who are longing for change to rally around and support her. "What I’m suggesting to you," she declared, "is not...a sort of sterilized governing reduced to the simple management of disorder..." Instead, she told her listeners, she wants to "better share the exercise of power so that France may seize all its chances [with] all the passion for equality that is hers..."

Noted AgoraVox’s reporter felt that Royal’s speech was too vague and that it asked for support without stating what, exactly, voters should throw their support behind. "Should...we...activists of the left fall in behind her just because of her stature ?" the site’s reporter asked, adding : "Must one carry someone’s colors without knowing if she [might] betray our expectations ? That’s a bit much to ask, isn’t it ?"[...]

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